Why you Should Choose Polyester Strapping Instead of Steel and Polypropylene

Why you Should Choose Polyester Strapping Instead of Steel and Polypropylene

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If you work in a factory or a company which usually requires strapping of large packages or piles than you must be familiar with the idea of strapping. There are many types of strapping options available in the market. Among all the options the 3 most popular of them all are polyester, steel and polypropylene.

Here is why polyester strapping is the best option for any duty:


When it comes to safety, polyester and polypropylene are both the safest options for strapping. Both of these can be applied with the help of manual and semi-automatic tools or even directly by hand. However, polypropylene is limited to light duty strapping only, while polyester can be used for heavy duty strapping as well.

Steel on the other hand is not considered to be safe at all. It is advised to be very careful when working around steel as it has sharp edges and can cause injury to exposed skin.


Polypropylene is the cheapest strapping options among the 3 when it comes to the cost. However, as discussed earlier it has its limitations so that puts it out of the contest. Polyester and steel can both be used for heavy duty strapping that means we can select the best option among these two.

Steel is relatively much more expensive material then polyester so of course it loses this round too. Polyester despite being a bit expensive than polypropylene is again the best strapping option cost wise too.

 Tension and Elongation

Polypropylene strapping has the most elongation among the three materials but it is unable to retain the tension. So much so, that after one hour of application it can lose up to 50% of tension.

Steel has very low elongation and it is known to be very dangerous when applied with high tension. It is not reliable when tensed and is known to break the strap.

Polyester may not have as much elongation as polypropylene but it has more than enough to be practical and safe. The best part about polyester strapping is that it can retain the tension for days, not just for hours.


Recycling of the materials is very important as it saves our planet from pollution and saves us a lot of money in manufacturing new products.

Polyester and polypropylene are both basically plastic materials that mean they are both very easy to recycle. Steel on the other hand is very difficult to recycle and the process is also very expensive.

Weather Resistance

Polypropylene is not immune to the temperature around it. It is heavily affected by heat by expanding and losing its tension quickly.

Steel, being a metal is also susceptible to weather conditions. It expands in higher temperature and contracts in lower. This property of steel is a big disadvantage for outdoor heavy duty strapping.

Polyester strapping, made up of plastic is also not immune to the weather conditions but it is much more rigid than polypropylene. Its strap is made up of woven polyester which does not let it expand as much and helps it retain the tension in all weather conditions.

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