If You Care For Your Employer Brand, Stay Far Away From These Fatal Practices

If You Care For Your Employer Brand, Stay Far Away From These Fatal Practices

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There are things which one should do, then there are things that one should not do, and then there are things that are fatal. As an employer who cares about its employer brand, you should be aware of the corporate practices that can prove to be dangerous for your image.

Here are the things that you should steer clear of, if you wish to maintain your employer brand.

  1. Ignoring the efforts of employees: If you wish to increase your employers attractiveness, you have got to put extra efforts to make sure that the hard work of your employees doesn’t go into rain. Whenever an employee performs exceptionally well, they should be awarded accordingly; this will not just motivate that employee to put the best in the job but also do wonders for your company’s employer brand.

  1. Underpaying your employees: Many times companies too dumb to keep tactics such as under paying the employees to save up on expenses. This can prove to be a fatal move at this may take down your employer brand; nobody wishes to work for a company where there work is not recognized and well paid.
  1. Being extra stringent with the rules: Yes rules are to be followed, but your rules should not be too strict; this should not be strict to a level where they become suffocating for the employees. These rules exist for the betterment of your company and its employees and when they try to put excess pressure on them, it makes them retaliate.

  1. Following the traditional model of workplace: Believers when we say that if you are somebody who believes that the old practices of making the employees glued to the seats while they work is a good idea, you are not doing your company a favor. Gone are the days believe that employees will not be able to be productive when they are at peace at their workstations. If you tried to hold them down like this, they will leave; and this will be very bad for your employer brand.

  1. Not understanding the problems: It is important for the team leader to listen to and understand if the teammate is facing an issue. The managers should learn to be approachable, because if they succeed, they will be able to drive the team towards better performance.

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