How to Maintain Cleanliness in Your Hotel

How to Maintain Cleanliness in Your Hotel

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Maintaining cleanliness in your hotel is of the utmost importance if you want to attract visitors and guests to your hotel. If a guest checks into your hotel only to find that the beds are unkempt and that the floors are untidy, it would paint a very bad impression of your hotel’s cleanliness policies. It’s impossible to fathom that a customer who leaves with such a poor opinion of your hotel would ever want to check back in unless out of absolute necessity. Maintaining cleanliness in your hotel isn’t really rocket science; you just have to follow a few basic steps in order to ensure that the rooms and the hallways are spic and span. Here are some basic steps that you should follow to maintain cleanliness in your hotel or restaurant.

Talk to Your Cleaning Staff

Keeping close tabs on your cleaning staff is of the utmost importance if you want to keep their morale up. A demotivated staff will obviously not perform their duties as well as they should and that’s going to show within a few days as customers start complaining. If the cleaning staff see that the hotel manager or an authority figure is there to listen to their complaints and resolve them in a quick and satisfactory way, they will perform their duties in a much better manner. Stalbridge Linen discusses ways in which you can create a clean environment in your hotel and one of the best things that you can do is to keep close tabs on your cleaning staff. It’s virtually impossible to closely inspect each and every area of the hotel so it’s better if you keep tabs on your cleaning staff and listen closely to any complaints that they might have.

Customer Feedback Options

It’s important that you set up channels for customers to give their feedback regarding their experiences at the hotel. You can only improve your service by getting constructive criticism from people who have actually used your services. Set up different customer feedback channels, such as a website or a mobile number on which people can send messages in order to find out what people have to say. You can print a basic questionnaire that includes simple questions such as how their experiences went or what they would like to suggest to the company about how to improve their services. Engaging with customers directly will make it easy for you to highlight major complaints and check the frequency that these complaints arise.

Use Organic Cleaning Products

One of the best things that you can do for your hotel is to make sure that you use organic cleaning products. Most cleaning products consist of a variety of harmful chemicals that could eventually lead to serious diseases in case of excessive exposure. It’s better if you switch to all-organic cleaning products in order to minimise health risks and ensure that your customers don’t have to worry about harmful exposure or infections. These are some simple things that will dramatically improve cleanliness in your hotel.

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