Going Green is Good for Business

Going Green is Good for Business

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These days it is hard to turn a page in the business section of the newspaper or bring up the business section of an online publication without reading about some new green business. From the food industry to hard manufacturing, every kind of business you can name is finding out that when you make a business run with green principles it pays off in the long run.

But how can you do more than simply “green wash” you company so that you not only gain from the glow of being green, but actually do some good? There are some surprising examples of ways to improve both your public face and your impact on the planet, all while making that bottom line stronger. Here are just a few examples.

Green Changes in Manufacturing

One of the hardest areas to go green has to be when it comes to manufacturing. And yet, this is one area where some companies have made big strides, by simply taking a long hard look at their process and seeing ways to change it for the better. If you look at www.fibertechinc.net/ you will see a good example of this.

This company took a simple manufacturing process, plastic molding for a variety of purposes, and used it to make the company one that is seen as a leading green manufacturer. By developing ways to repurpose old material, and make new material completely recyclable, it has introduced a new green step in its business model. As this company has shown, even a business as far from green as one that creates plastic molded products can find ways to be kinder to the planet and still keep its bottom line strong.

Office Politics in the Kitchen

If you walk into the kitchen of just about any office these days, you will see a few new things that make it greener then ever. For many offices, the installation of a dishwasher coupled with a push to have everyone bring their own coffee mug means fewer paper or Styrofoam cups in the trash.

While the introduction of K-cup coffee dispensers may mean more waste, many companies that manufacture these cups now make them recyclable, with a service to pick up old coffee grounds along with the cups. Add in the introduction of recycling office paper and we have offices that create far less waste than ever before.

Reducing Waste in Construction

Most of us don’t realize just how much waste is a result of construction. From the wooden frames for cement forms to the left overs from building such as nails, electrical wire or shingles from roofs, it is an industry that has been slow to take on green ways. But that is all changing and today many construction companies make a conscious effort to cut down on such waste and prevent huge amounts of material from simply being sent to the dump.

With as much as 15% of all construction material being damaged or unused and then sent to city dumps, many companies are seeing cost savings as well as greener business models in finding new ways to reuse old material. With companies such as these on the green bandwagon, what is stopping your business from adapting greener habits? The time is now to take this on and make it a part of every company business model. It is easier than you think.

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