Consider Cold Blackened Steel

Consider Cold Blackened Steel

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Cold blackening is a process by which steel and other metals are protected against corrosion and made to look aesthetically appealing for showcase purposes. Otherwise known as black oxide, this substance is applied to iron and steel by one of two methods: hot or cold. Hot blackening is a process by which a very thin and moderately corrosion-resistant black iron oxide finish is added to the metal and is quite hazardous if you are not very experienced and trained in performing the process.

It is thus better in most cases to have a professional perform cold blackening on your equipment and there are many additional benefits compared to hot blackening that make the former the better choice. To reduce hazards associated with hot blackening as well as energy consumption, cold blackening solutions were developed and then introduced as a better and more beneficial alternative. This a procedure performed at room temperature using different chemicals for the job and is significantly safer for everyone involved.

No Change

After you complete the cold blackening steel process, you will notice no significant change in the dimensions of your steel, allowing you to blacken even the smallest and most intricate parts without worrying about a loss of function. The majority of machined parts are fabricated to a very tight tolerance, meaning that even the very thin layer of size added from a coat of paint will cause the piece to no longer fit into the machinery. Blackening is a method by which you may reduce corrosion and provide an attractive finish without risking that your parts will no longer work or the profit loss that follows.


It is true that steel and other metals are particularly prone to rust and are likely to become useless in a matter of months in an industrial setting unless you place a corrosion-resistant layer of oxide on the metal. Cold blackening is the solution, allowing you to protect your steel from the damage of rust for years or even decades so long as you continue to keep the metal maintained and protected over time. The investment of cold blackening is dramatically more cost-effective in the short and long term compared to purchasing replacement steel after parts rust, and this is enough for many industrial companies to utilise this option to save money.


In the case of clients having the chance to see your machines in motion, cold blackening will help you to make a great impression while protecting your interests. The attractive and durable black finish will make any machine appear brand-new and increase its value at the same time, allowing you to make the right impression to those who care to see you look professional. For many industries, it is just as important to look great as it is to provide reliability, quality, and speed for your clients and they will look for all of these when requesting services. At the end of the day, you protect your best interests when you take action to protect your machinery and cold blackening is the best way to make this happen.

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