3 Kickass Marketing Ideas for Small Business

3 Kickass Marketing Ideas for Small Business

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 As the year rolls on, many small business owners are realizing that the plans they made for the coming year aren’t quite turning out the way they had planned. It might be that the move to the internet hasn’t given your sales the boost you thought it would. It might be that adding secure payment systems to your website was more complicated then your thought, slowing down the conversion rates.

Whatever the reason, for small business the devil is always in the details. To help you out, here are three great marketing ideas to help you kickstart that business model and get those number back into the black.

Get on Top of Cleaning that Data

You may not realise it, but often the reason visitors to a website will leave soon after they arrive is if the site loads too slowly. This can be caused by a number of reasons, but one that you can easily do something about is getting old cluttered data out of that site. This means cleaning out that data cache on a regular monthly basis.

Many companies simply make this an annual chore, but if you do you may be leaving your site cluttered with old fragmented data that is simply slowly the whole system down. So, get on top of that old data pile and clean out the entire system every month to ensure that your website, your intranet system and everything else is running as smoothly and quickly as it can.

Review Your Visitor Targets

Do you know the details about who visits your website and why? It may be that when you began this business you felt you knew exactly who bought your product or service. Today, that may not be quite so clear as audiences change, and so do companies.

Take the time to have an analysis done of the buyer persona for your website. Take that information and review it with all your key personnel to ensure everyone understands your target market. When you know who you are selling to it is so much easier to make sure that target is met successfully.

Target Your Emails

While we may all be in love with social media as our new marketing darling, emails continue to out-deliver every other marketing campaign. This is why it is so important to keep that email marketing campaign in synch with any new targets you may have created because of the research done above.

Don’t leave your email marketing out of your plans for creating new campaigns for these newly defined targets. Pay attention to the small details in your emails and get help with making sure that attention lines and sender addresses are primed to make that recipient open their email instead of clicking the delete button.

Stay Focused

As with all the advice you will see about marketing, it always pays to keep your marketing tightly focused on what you know through research and analysis. Following these three tried and true methods for small business marketing can help. The rest, the follow through and what you offer, is up to you. Staying on top of marketing is always tough for small business owners. Knowing what to focus on can help to keep that target in sight.

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